Inspiritus support several vital programs to underserved communities including MyCanvas (Mobile Youth Community Arts: Nurturing Voices and Artistic Self-Expression), Healthy Gardens program and the Building Healthy Families program.

We are looking for help developing a marketing and fundraising plan for these programs. We would like an individual to advise and direct our efforts to expand our funding base by volunteering a couple of hours a month to our organization. We also need additional help promoting programs through social media.

MyCanvas serves youth in low income neighborhoods offering basic art skills to support self esteem and promote healthy coping skills for youth living in unhealthy family and neighborhood structures. The Healthy Garden program supports raised-bed gardens in public housing for families to grow their own nutritious food; and Building Healthy Families offers a support community for women living in public housing.

We need volunteers for our art workshops. Reach out to to find out more.

We need musicians who would be willing to give one hour a week to teach our aspiring musicians.

We need gently used guitars, keyboards and drums to continue our music instruction.

Art Supplies:
We need paint and canvases of all sizes, paint brushes, color wire for sculptures, markers, clay, paper, color pencils, beads, glue sticks, glue, colorful duct tape, spray paint, etc.

Contact us to volunteer to make a materials donation! To make a financial donation, click here.


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