I’m bad!

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“I’m bad- ask anyone,” exclaimed one of the newest artists enrolled in our after-school program. Others in the group affirmed this, and even some of the adults agreed. If you have been told you are bad from birth, you tend to live into that reality and become what you are predicted to be. MyCanvas Leading Art Therapist LeeAnn Love sees a different reality and uses positive reinforcement and art skills to create a new self-image in this young artist and those around her. At MyCanvas, we constantly paint new landscapes for our artists to see themselves as good and special, with unique gifts and possibilities. Like a masterpiece, this painting takes time and patience. You can continue layering the lives of at-risk youth with beautiful colors, so they can uncover a new portrait of themselves filled with hope and a new vision of who they are. Please consider donating or contact Janet Arning if you would like to volunteer. Thank you for changing “I’m bad” into “I’m unique with my own gifts and possibilities” in the lives of these artists.

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